– Every premium account purchased by the applicant from the Amir Kabir account group will start from the date of purchase (or notified in channel announcements) and will continue for one year, and each user can use account support services during this period. take advantage o- The features of the premium account include checking the writing style, correcting unclear sentence structures, checking overused words and inappropriate words, correcting texts with more than 250 grammar rules, checking the punctuation and advanced sentence structure, Plagiarism and… For more information, you can refer to the following link:


– The one-year premium version of this software has some limitations that users should be careful of when using it so that their account does not get into trouble and it is the responsibility of each person. One of the important limitations of this software is that it can be used on up to five separate devices at the same time. But if the method of use is not simultaneous, there is no limit. (The device means different devices, such as laptops, personal computers, mobile phones, etc.) and not different software. To see the rest of the restrictions, you can refer to the following link:


An email with an activation link will be sent to applicants at the designated time. (If you want to register for Gmail, the sent email will be broadcast as a promotion, otherwise, search the spam section), after clicking on the link, you will enter the Grammarly website, and there, by logging into your account, your account will be upgraded to premium. find (To enter your account, if you registered with a user and password, you must enter the user and password, and if you entered through Google, you must enter the same way by clicking on the desired link, after logging in to your Gmail, click on the desired link again and enter your account)

๐Ÿ’ŽThis software is suitable for investigating plagiarism and reporting plagiarism, and it is considered one of the number one software in this field.

๐Ÿ”น Dear applicants, please note that the purchase of these accounts is done instantly, and after ordering, you can receive your account up to one hour after ordering.

๐Ÿ”น These accounts must be used with a filter breaker and never enter the software with an Iranian IP. The consequences are the responsibility of the applicant.
Accounts are legal and personal for one year. Amirkabir Accounts Group supports accounts for up to one year, and if there is a problem with the accounts at any time, new accounts will be provided to the applicants.

๐Ÿ”น The limitation of each Trentin account is that you can report the first six articles in one day (three articles for each assignment) and for the rest of the articles, you can report two articles every 24 hours or every day (one article for each assignment). can check

๐Ÿ’Ž: This software is suitable for paraphrasing and summarizing English texts and is considered one of the number one software in this field.

Paraphrasing means rewriting a text after understanding its meaning in your own language. One of the cases where this software can be helpful is in the field of plagiarism and plagiarism. This software can be used to reduce the similarity of a text whose percentage is similar to one of the above articles through paraphrasing. Another feature of this software is summarizing the input text.
Accounts are shared. This does not mean that someone else can access your information, but it means that you will receive a fixed username and password that you cannot change.
๐Ÿ”น Each account has the limitation that it can be run on a maximum of one system. That is, to run in the next system, you must first log out in the previous system and then log in to the new system.
You must use the filter to use the account.

After purchasing an account, applicants will receive an email containing the username and password to log in to the Quillbot site.

To use the account, applicants can enter the Quillbot.com site. Then, from the login section, enter the username and password assigned to them and log in to their profile and use the account.

Please note that try to use Psiphon unblocker to log in.

You may encounter a network error when logging in, in this case, test the country of the filter breaker in one of the countries of Germany, and England, and if this error remains, test it in the country America. In one of these three countries, this error will be fixed. This is due to the strong security of the Quillbot site.

๐Ÿ”น software (wordtune) is one of the attractive ideas among the recent developments and advances of artificial intelligence. Wordtune software was launched so that people can write more confidently and easily. This software tries to understand what you mean by analyzing the text first and then suggests different texts according to it, which ultimately leads to content creation with your help through trial and error. It should be noted that due to its vast database, this software finds different texts that are similar to your statement on the web and presents them among its suggested texts.

Features of the writing section:

1- Rewrite
This feature offers you alternative texts. It lists different texts for you so that you can change your sentence to it by choosing the best text from your point of view.
2- Casual
The texts it offers you are conversational and informal. You can use these texts in different social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.
3- Formal
This feature offers you texts that are official and are used for writing letters and official emails.
4- Shorten
This feature helps you make your texts shorter
5- Expand
This feature expands your text. Adds sentences to your text

But recently this software has added another part to its features. This section, named Wordtune Read, does the same for reading! Wordtune’s overall mission is to fundamentally reimagine the way people write and read, so this vision is also explored for the reading section. Powered by sophisticated language models, Wordtune Read is specifically designed to help professionals in a wide range of industries and academia deal with information overload. Wordtune Read analyzes and summarizes a document in seconds, allowing anyone to read long and complex text faster and more efficiently. Because it’s powered by powerful AI technology, it doesn’t just extract key phrases like other reading toolsโ€”it actually summarizes the main points for you. You simply upload a PDF or copy and paste the text link you want to read. Within seconds, short texts appear next to the text that identify and summarize the main themes of the document and help you focus on the important parts. In addition, the Spotlight feature can recap the text from different perspectives, highlighting the information you care about the most. From articles to reports and academic articles
Wordtune Read helps you summarize key information instantly, thus saving you time while studying.

๐Ÿ”น The cost of Wordtune premium account for unlimited use, in two sections, Rewrite and Read, for one year is $119.88. Amir Kabir Accounts Group managed to provide this software for you with a discount of more than 92%, that is, only at the price of 8.5 dollars.
Wordtune accounts are shared. This does not mean that someone else can access your information, but it means that you will receive a fixed username and password that you cannot change.
๐Ÿ”น The account has this limitation that it can be run on a maximum of one system at the same time. That is, to run in the next system, you have to logout the previous system and then login in the new system.

๐Ÿ”น Because the account is shared, only in the Read section, which has the Library and History section, the contents you check can be seen by another person, and this problem can be solved by deleting the PDF or Remove the desired link. But you are advised not to review important content such as unpublished articles or documents that are important to you and have not yet been published through this section. The Read section is just to help you in summarizing files, writings, articles, books, etc., which are bulky and long and you don’t have time to read all parts of that file and you want to read and review them in time and Save your energy and these articles and reports have already been published. Therefore, according to the above explanations, Amirkabir Accounts Group does not accept any issues and claims of misuse or copying of your important documents in the Read section of the software, and the consequences are entirely your responsibility. be.

๐Ÿ”น To use the account inside Iran, you must use a filter breaker.

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